Sentence Examples with the word Vers

The principal literary results of his early years here were the Discours en vers sur l'homme, the play of Alzire and L'Enfant prodigue (1736), and a long treatise on the Newtonian system which he and Madame du Chatelet wrote together.

His Essais en vers et en prose (1797) contains the Marseillaise, a prose tale of the sentimental kind called Adelaide et Monville, and some occasional poems.

Koniggrdtz bis an die Donau (Vienna, 1906); Duval, Vers Sadowa (Nancy, 1907); Feldzugsjournal des Oberbefehlshabers des VIII.

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Max Elskamp (born at Antwerp in 1862) is the author of some volumes of religious poetry - Dominical (1892), Salutations, dont d'angeliques (1893), En symbole vers l'apostolat (1895) - for which he has devised as background an imaginary city.

The French Academy charged de Quatrefages, Decaisne and Peligot with the study of the disease, and they issued two elaborate reports - Etudes sur les maladies actuelles des vers soie (18J9) and Nouvelles Recherches sur les maladies actuelles des vers a soie (1860); but the suggestions they were able to offer had not the effect of stopping the march of the disease.

Et a chascune des ij faces la pointe d'une aguille vers cele tramontaine a cui cele face gist.

Barthelemy was the author of a number of learned works on antiquarian subjects, but the great work on which his fame rests is Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece, vers le milieu du quatrieme siecle avant l'ere chretienne (4 vols., 1787).

With it were printed thirteen odes entitled Vers lyriques.

Viele-Griffin is One of the most successful writers of the vers libre, the theory of which he expounded, in conjunction with MM.

After his elevation to the bishopric he ceased to produce the light verse in which he excelled, though his scruples did not prevent him from preparing a new edition of his Recueil de quelques vers amoureux (1602) in 1606.