Sentence Examples with the word Vere

There were also three submanors, one given by the first Aubrey de Vere early in the 12th century to the Abbot of Abingdon, whence the present parish church is called St Mary Abbots; while in another, Knotting Barnes, the origin of the name Notting Hill is found.

Created Richard de Vere marquess of Dublin, and invested him by girding on a sword, and by placing a golden circlet on his head.

Public opinion was against lant, the king, and the small army which his confidant De Vere raised under the royal banner was easily scattered by Gloucesters forces at the rout of Radcot Bridge (Dec. 20, 1387).

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The High Church party in England had induced Vere to dismiss him from the chaplaincy; but he was still held, deservedly, in such reverence, that it was arranged he should attend the synod, and accordingly he was retained by the Calvinist party at four florins a day to watch the proceedings on their behalf and advise them when necessary.

A long list of doubly and triply forsworn nobles, led by Geoffrey de Mandeville, Aubrey de Vere and Ralph of Chester, made the balance of war sway alternately from side to side, as they transferred themselves to the camp of the highest bidder.

Included in the manor of Dovercourt, Harwich from 1086 was for long held by the de Vere family.