Sentence Examples with the word Venom

Weir Mitchell and others have shown that serpent venom consists chiefly of albumoses, and the toxins formed by infective bacilli have a somewhat similar chemical nature.

Gladys, because I saw the venom in her eyes after Shipton took advantage of her.

If the venom is slowly absorbed, the blood loses its coagulability, owing to the breaking down of the red blood-corpuscles, most so with vipers, less with Australian snakes, least so with the cobra.

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Hitherto no attempt had been made to determine what particular parts of the body were especially affected by drugs, but Fontana showed, in his great work (Florence, 1765) on the venom of the viper and on other poisons, that the general symptoms were brought about by an action on particular organs.

The Australian venom and that of all viperine snakes, perhaps also that of the cobra, if introduced rapidly into the circulation, occasions extensive intravascular clotting.

Although this result is best obtained when the venom and serum are mixed in a glass before injection, yet if they be injected at the same time in different parts of the body the animal will still be protected and the poison will not produce its usual deadly results.

Dried venom keeps indefinitely, and dissolves readily in water.

The toxicity or relative strength of the cobra venom has been calculated to be sixteen times that of the European viper.

It wasn't the venom she feared, although she was cautious, but the way the body writhed and slithered.

A snake which she had fashioned for the purpose stung the god, who sent for her as a last resort in his unendurable agony; whereupon she represented to him that nothing but his own mysterious name could overcome the venom of the snake.