Sentence Examples with the word Vault

In the vault he finds the corpse of Grendel; he cuts off the head, and brings it back in triumph.

It has a curious old wine vault (Keller) which contains a series of mural paintings of the 16th century, representing the legend on which the play is based.

It was as if that lofty, infinite canopy of heaven that had once towered above him had suddenly turned into a low, solid vault that weighed him down, in which all was clear, but nothing eternal or mysterious.

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The royal vault in the Chapel Royal, which had fallen into a dilapidated condition, has been put in order; Clockmill House and grounds have been added to the area of the parade ground, and the abbey precincts generally and the approaches to the King's Park have been improved.

He alone was aware of the existence of the new throne of walrus ivory embellished with three silver life-size lions, and of the new regalia, both of which treasures he had, by the king's command, concealed in a vault beneath the royal castle.

Other notable buildings within the line of the old fortifications are the Gothic Augustine church, built in the 14th century, and containing a fine monument of Canova; the Capuchin church, with the burial vault of the Habsburgs; the church of Maria-Stiegen, an interesting Gothic building of the 14th century, restored in 1820; the handsome Greek church, by T.

A short distance south-west of the mansion-house and between it and the wharf is a plain brick tomb, which was built by Washington's direction on a site chosen by himself, and contains the remains of Washington and Mrs Washington (removed to this tomb from the old family vault in 1831), and of about thirty relatives - members of the Washington, Blackburn, Corbin, Bushrod, Lewis and Custis families.

If a family vault was required, or a burial chapel for a martyr or person of distinction, a small square room was excavated by the side of the gallery and communicating with it.

No coffins are used, and a stone vault is built over the corpse so that it may not come into direct contact with the earth.

He tossed her micro, pills, and a vault half the size of his hand on the pillows near him.