Sentence Examples with the word Vaughan

Lord Chichester married Lettice, daughter of Sir John Perrot and widow of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove.

On the other hand, Wayland Vaughan (see Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution, 1917) has shown clearly that the problem is essentially a biochemical one and may finally be solved by the methods of the latter science.

Great school or university, is that of John Vaughan Thompson (1779-1847), an army surgeon, who in 1816 became district medical inspector at Cork, and then took to the study of marine Invertebrata by the aid of the microscope.

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From the year 1851, when John Vaughan discovered the presence of ironstone in the Eston hills, the town advanced rapidly.

Steveni, Through Famine-stricken Russia (1892); Vaughan Nash, The Great Famine (1900); Lady Hope, Sir Arthur Cotton (1900); Lord Curzon in India (1905); T.

The Middlesbrough deposit was discovered by Bolckow and Vaughan in boring for water in 1862 at a depth of 400 yds., but was not utilized, and was again found by Messrs Bell Brothers at Port Clarence at a depth of 376 yds.

These new structures would rest uncomfortably upon eroded formations and this, Wayland Vaughan points out, is what we actually observe in the case of living and fossil coral reefs.

Kentucky ' 'From survey by Edgar Vaughan and W.L.