Sentence Examples with the word Vara

A third arrow drove her unconscious, and she slumped, unaware of Vara catching her.

Despite his foreboding, he left the chamber and sent word for Vara to meet him at the main gate.

Taran would not be easy to defeat in battle, and Vara would help him protect Tiyan.

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Hilden caught up to them as they reached the dungeon, where Vara was opening the iron door to the cell containing Sirian.

They defeated the armies fleeing north, Vara said.

The barbarian ignored Taran and snatched Vara by the scruff, only to backhand him hard.

In the interior and in all domestic transactions the old Spanish weights and measures are still used - including the Spanish libra of 1.102 lb avoirdupois, the arroba of 25 libras (122 kilogrammes), the quintal of Too libras (50 kilog.), the carga of 250 libras (125 kilogs.), the vara of 80 centimetres, and the fanega.

The man from the beach who struck down his father strode from the stables, accompanied by another man hauling Vara by one arm. ..

Jaylon bowed to him again, and Vara took the Dierdirien prince's arm, leading him away.

All the while, Vara treated him with as much kindness as the abused son of a madman could.