Sentence Examples with the word Vamp

At least then we'll stand half a chance if the vamp goes ape-shit crazy.

He hadn't thought twice about Toni's message that he'd delivered the package from the stash house to his condo until he walked in and discovered the vamp he expected was a woman.

The newly turned vamp slumped to the ground, unconscious.

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She wondered how long it'd take before every vamp in the mansion was waiting in the locker room to claim what they could from her.

Redheaded Yully and tiny Bianca raced down the hallway towards the foyer, chasing the vamp Charles.

The vamp barked a laugh and continued down the hall.

The vamp before her went down before she saw the outcome of the meeting between Damian and Czerno in the safe house, but she saw what the vamp expected to happen.

Sensing him, the large vamp stopped walking to the fortress built into the mountain and faced him.

Damian studied him, not sure what to think of the oldest vamp in the universe.

I thought it was weird, because we haven't seen a vamp in over a year anywhere in Ireland.