Sentence Examples with the word Vagina

The uterus is two-horned, with the cornua opening separately into the vagina or uniting to form a corpus uteri.

It has been compared with the canal of Laurer of Trematodes (the vitello-intestinal duct of the ectoparasitic flukes), but if we take the more primitive Cestodes, and especially Aniphilina, into consideration we find that they possess, in addition to the uterus, an anterior vagina (usually present in Cestodes) and a posterior one.

The independent opening of the genital ducts and the absence of an ectodermal vagina and ejaculatory duct are remarkable archaic features of these insects, as has been pointed out by J.

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From this vagina arises a narrow duct leading to the exterior.

Thus to the eye we may use a solution of sulphate of zinc of half a grain to the ounce, while to the ear, urethra or vagina a solution of four to eight grains or even more may be applied.

The two ducts continuous with the gonads open by a common vagina on to the exterior behind the male pores.

The vagina usually opens in front of the eighth abdominal sternite.

They are also employed locally as sprays and douches to the nose, throat, vagina and rectum, for catarrhal conditions of the mucous membranes.

The hymen is a fold of mucous membrane which surrounds the orifice of the vagina and is usually only seen in the virgin.

The vagina is often partially divided by a membraneous septum or hymen.