Sentence Examples with the word VIS

Lvg, Primarily left (subsequently x, x', Pins fastening the elastic the sub-intestinal) visceral cord (representing the vis ganglion.

The valuable work of Gauss on magnetic theory and measurements, especially in relation to terrestrial magnetism, was published in his Intensitas vis magneticae terrestris, 1833, and in memoirs communicated to the Resultate aus den Beobachtungen des magnetischen Vereins, 1838 and 1839, which, with others, are contained in vol.

He rejected the vis medicatrix naturae, pointing out that nature in many cases not only did not help but marred the cure.

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When the bridges broke down, unarmed soldiers, people from Moscow and women with children who were with the French transport, all--carried on by vis inertiae-- pressed forward into boats and into the ice-covered water and did not, surrender.

Ceiving nerve from vis, The cerebro-pedal connecceral loop.

The one essential property of matter is its inactivity, vis inertiae (accepted later by Monboddo).

He is credited with the invention of the anchor escapement for clocks, and also with the application of spiral springs to the balances of watches, together with the explanation of their action by the principle Ut tensio sic vis (1676).

But the width of his intellectual sympathies, joined to a constitutional indecision and vis inertiae, prevented him from doing more enduring work.

Hippocrates based his principles and practice on the theory of the existence of a spiritual restoring essence or principle, cl)GQCs, the vis medicatrix naturae, in the management of which the art of the physician consisted.

Assuming as an axiom that the centre of gravity of any number of interdependent bodies cannot rise higher than the point from which it fell, he arrived, by anticipating in the particular case the general principle of the conservation of vis viva, at correct although not strictly demonstrated conclusions.