Sentence Examples with the word VIOLENT

Blanqui's leaning towards violent measures was illustrated in 1870 by two unsuccessful armed demonstrations: one on the 12th of January at the funeral of Victor Noir, the journalist shot by Pierre Bonaparte; the other on the 14th of August, when he led an attempt to seize some guns at a barrack.

Talon's a violent fuck, and the Czerno-Talon combo will be worse than the incoming hurricane.

But he desired to root out the popular respect for the names of Charlemont and Grattan, and to transfer to more violent leaders the conduct of the national movement.

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These violent oscillations not only weakened the fabric of the Republic, but brought about a situation in which Bonaparte easily paralysed both the executive and the legislative powers so ill co-ordinated by the constitution of the year 1795.

France next tried to bring violent pressure to bear to conquer the obstinacy of Benedict XIII.

He had offered himself as a candidate for the office of secretary to the Assembly of Notables which the king had just convened, and to bring his name before the public published another financial work, the Denonciation de 'agiotage, which abounded in such violent diatribes that he not only lost his election, but was obliged to retire to Tongres; and he further injured his prospects by publishing the reports he had sent in during his secret mission at Berlin.

The pleasing style and novel matter enchanted the Spanish public, but the unmeasured laudation of Cortes at the expense of his lieutenants and companions brought about a violent reaction.

Contain a violent attack on the heathen mythology, in which he narrates with powerful sarcasm the scandalous chronicles of the gods, and contrasts with their grossness and immorality the pure and holy worship of the Christian.

He had the Oriental's power of endurance, alternating with violent and emotional courage.

At the very 1431-1447 first, his violent and premature measures against the Colonna family, which had received such unbounded Council of favour from his predecessor, embroiled him in a sanguinary feud.