Sentence Examples with the word VIA

Thence the Via Bollo leads to the Piazza della Rosa, in which is situated the renowned Biblioteca Ambrosiana, erected in1603-1609by Fabio Manzone, to whom the Palazzo del Senato is also due, rich in MSS.

Of Rome by the Via Praenestina (see below), on a spur of the Apennines facing the Alban Hills.

In the interior the boundary fell between Casinum and Teanum Sidicinum, at about the Tooth milestone of the Via Latina - a fact which led later to the jurisdiction of the Roman courts being extended on every side to the Tooth mile from the city, and to this being the limit beyond which banishment from Rome was considered to begin.

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Marching via Eger and Nuremberg (September 3rd) on the Main, Montecucculi drew Turenne to the valley of the Tauber; then, having persuaded the bishop of Wurzburg to surrender the bridge of that place, he passed to the right bank of the Main before Turenne could intervene.

Later on it became a very important road centre; the continuation northwards of the Via Aemilia towards Milan, with a branch to Ticinum, crossed the Po there, and the Via Postumia from Cremona to Dertona and Genoa passed through it.

She sided with the scribes, Burghley and Sir Robert Cecil, against the men of war, Essex and Raleigh; and she abetted Whitgifts rigorous persecution of the Puritans whose discontent with her via media was rancorously expressed in the Martin Marprelate tracts.

In the same year building operations in the Via di Sant' Onofrio revealed the presence of catacombs beneath the foundations: examination of the loculi showed that no martyrs or illustrious persons were buried here.

From this at Pescara and running via Sulmona (whence there are branches via Aquila and Rieti to Terni, and via Carpinone to (a) Isernia and Caianello, on the line from Rome to Naples, and (b) Campobasso and Benevento), and Avezzano (whence there is a branch to Roccasecca) to Rome.

After having taken Seville, Carmona and Merida, he marched from the latter place by the Via Romana to Salamanca, after having ordered Tariq to rejoin him in order to encounter king Roderic. Not far from Tamames the king was defeated and killed.

The central Apennines are crossed by the railway from Rome to Castelammare Adriatico via Avezzano and Sulmona: the railway from Orte to Terni (and thence to Foligno) follows the Nera valley; while from Terni a line ascends to the plain of Rieti, and thence crosses the central chain to Aquila, whence it follows the valley of the Aterno to Sulmona.