Sentence Examples with the word VETERANS

Later, observing the bitter feelings that had been evoked by the distribution of land among the veterans of Caesar, Antonius and Fulvia changed their attitude, and stood forward as the defenders of those who had suffered from its operation.

Marius, on his return to Rome after his victory over the Cimbri, finding himself isolated in the senate, entered into a compact with Saturninus and his ally C. Servilius Glaucia, and the three formed a kind of triumvirate, supported by the veterans of Marius and the needy rabble.

Resolved to wipe from the map of Europe an inconvenient rival, and without any warning, in defiance of all international equity, let loose his veterans upon Denmark a second time.

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Of veterans in Campania under the Lex Julia Agraria, and had even then laid down rules for the foundation of such communities.

From its centre, are the grounds of the Winnepesaukee Camp-Meeting Association, and the camping place for the annual reunions of the New Hampshire Veterans of the Civil War, both at The Weirs, the northernmost point in the territory claimed by colonial Massachusetts; about 2 m.

In 1595 Zamoyski, in his capacity of commanderin-chief, at the head of S000 veterans dethroned the anti-Polish hospodar of Moldavia and installed in his stead a Catholic convert, George Mohila.

Was recaptured by Quintus Metellus Pius; it then became a municipium, but in 43 B.C. its territory was assigned to the veterans of the triumvirs, and it became a colony once more.

Caesar, however, overrode all opposition, mustering Pompey's veterans pey to drive his colleague from the forum.

By this time Mehemet Ali was the possessor of a powerful fleet and of an army of veterans disciplined and drilled by European officers.

And this result he achieved with men of less than two years' service, men, too, more heavily equipped and worse mounted than the veterans of the Grande Armee.