Sentence Examples with the word VEHICLE

I was thinking about buying a new vehicle and wondered if we had the money, so I looked at his financial information on the computer.

Ratramnus's view thus resembled Serapion's, after whom the elements furnish a new vehicle of the Spirit's influence, a new body through which the Word operates, a fresh sojourning among us of the Word, though consecrated bread is in itself no more Christ's natural body than are we who assimilate it.

It contemplated a restoration of all the religions of antiquity, by allowing each to retain its traditional forms, and at the same time making each a vehicle for the religious attitude and the religious truth embraced in Neoplatonism; while every form of ritual was to become a stepping-stone to a high morality worthy of mankind.

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He was assisted up the slope to the vehicle of a tour monitor and placed in the back seat.

In the first the prophet speaks in his own name, addressing himself to the people in a lively description of a present calamity caused by a terrible plague of locusts which threatens the entire destruction of the country, and appears to be the vehicle of a final consuming judgment (the day of Yahweh).

While we couldn't keep up with the ambulance but we held our own and kept the emergency vehicle in sight.

While Jennifer didn't complain, Dean could see her hands gripping the sides of the vehicle tightly as they moved steadily upward.

I was surprised to notice the vehicle lent to Howie was no longer parked in front of his door.

The prose style of Rome, as a vehicle for the continuous narration of events coloured by a rich and picturesque imagination and instinct with dignified emotion, attained its perfection in Livy.

After they were settled in the vehicle and on their way back to town, Jennifer Radisson brought up the more mundane subjects of the mine and her litigation.