Sentence Examples with the word VALUED

Robur, one of the most valued of the genus, and the most celebrated in history and myth, may be taken as a type of the oaks with sinuated leaves.

The coins chiefly in use were (i) copper cash, which were strung in hundreds on strings of straw, and, as about 911 weight was equal to one shilling, were excessively cumbrous, but were nevertheless valued at their face value; (ii) nickel coins, which, being profitable to mint, were issued in enormous quantities, quickly depreciated, and were moreover extensively forged.

The Angoras most valued are albinos, with pure white fur and pink eyes; in some parts of the Continent they are kept by the peasants and clipped regularly.

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The drafts from the dressing frame are valued in accordance with their length of fibre, the longest being known as A or 1st drafts and so on: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Drafts.

The pastures of the neighbourhood support a breed of Aquitaine cattle, which is most highly valued in south-western France.

The variety most valued in the East is the pale straw-coloured, slightly cloudy amber.

The light charcoal afforded by the hazel serves well for crayons, and is valued by gunpowder manufacturers.

In height; the wood, though soft and deficient in the resin that gives durability to the timber of some species, is valued by the southern carpenter and cabinetmaker for its lightness, its fineness of grain, and the ease with which it is worked.

Per annum, however, was valued at about 14 years' purchase of the annual profits.

Exports in 1890 were valued at 591,746 pounds; they also fluctuated greatly, falling to 316,072 pounds in 1893, but standing at 863,828 in 1901, and having a further increase in some subsequent years.