Sentence Examples with the word Ursprung

Other philosophical works were: - Ueber den Ursprung der Sitten (1860 and 1867), Ueber die Ideen in der Geschichte (1865 and 1872); Zur Lehre von den Sinnestauschungen (1867); Ideale Fragen (1875 and 1885), Erziehung and Geschichte 0880; Unser Stand punkt (1881); Ueber die Reize des Spiels (1883).

With this may be compared a passage in the Ursprung der Sprache, where there is a curious adumbration of Spencer's idea that intelligence, as distinguished from instinct, arises from a growing complexity of action, or, to use Herder's words, from the substitution of a more for a less contracted sphere.

Geschichte .1-780-90 (1871-72); Historischbiographische Studien (Leipzig, 1878); Ursprung and Beginn der Revolutionskriege 1791-92 (Leipzig, 1875); and Zur Geschichte von Oesterreich and Preussen zwischen den Fri edensschliissen zu Aachen and Hubertusberg (Leipzig, 1875).

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Sterbende Messias; Gressmann, Ursprung der israelitisch jiidisclzen Eschatologie, pp. 250-345.

This appointment he owed chiefly to his work, Ober den Ursprung der menschlichen Seelen (1854), in which he maintained that the human soul was not implanted by a special creative act in each case, but was the result of a secondary creative act on the part of the parents: that soul as well as body, therefore, was subject to the laws of heredity.

The differentiation of the local alphabets is found Der Ursprung des alt-semitischen Alphabets aus der neu-assyrischen Keilschrift (ZDMG.

By his work on language Uber den Ursprung der Sprache (1772), Herder may be said to have laid the first rude foundations of the science of comparative philology and that deeper science of the ultimate nature and origin of language.

Charles, Eschatology, Hebrew, Jewish and Christian, and Schwally, Das Leben nach dem Tode, as well as Gressmann's suggestive work Der Ursprung der israelitisch jiidischen Eschatologie, which contains, however, much that is speculative.

Geiger: seine Lehre vom Ursprung d.

Hart, Die Ursprung and Verbreitung der PyramusundThisbesage (1889-1892).