Sentence Examples with the word Urea

It was first prepared by C. Scheele and is formed when urea HO C N is treated with water.

It has been suggested that urea is formed by polymerization of ammonium carbonate, and formic aldehyde is synthesized from CO 2 and 011 2.

Knop (ibid., 1870, 9, p. 226), in which the urea is decomposed by an alkaline hypobromite and the evolved nitrogen is measured (see A.

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The urea oxalate is recrystallized and decolorized and finally decomposed by calcium carbonate (J.

This dogma was shaken by Wohler's synthesis of urea in 1828.

It dissolves readily in water and the aqueous solution decomposes on standing; a dark-brown flocculent precipitate of azulmic acid, C 4 H 5 N 5 0, separating whilst ammonium oxalate, urea and hydrocyanic acid are found in the solution.

Salicylic acid and salicin (q.v.) share the properties common to the group of aromatic acids, which, as a group, are antiseptic without being toxic to man - a property practically unique; are unstable in the body; are antipyretic and analgesic; and diminish the excretion of urea by the kidneys.

It is reduced by sodium amalgam to glycouril C 4 H 6 N 4 O 2, whilst with hydriodic acid it yields urea and hydantoin C 3 H 4 N 2 O 2.

In regard to methods and apparatus, mention should be made of his improvements in the technique of organic analysis, his plan for determining the natural alkaloids and for ascertaining the molecular weights of organic bases b y means of their chloroplatinates, his process for determining the quantity of urea in a solution - the first step towards the introduction of precise chemical methods into practical medicine - and his invention of the simple form of condenser known in every laboratory.

The combined nitrogen of dead organisms, broken down to ammonia by putrefactive bacteria, the ammonia of urea and the results of the fixation of free nitrogen, together with traces of nitrogen salts due to meteoric activity, are thus seen to undergo various vicissitudes in the soil, rivers and surface of the globe generally.