Sentence Examples with the word Up

It was the first definite product of Greek medicine on Roman soil, but was destined to be followed by others, which kept up a more or less successful rivalry with it, and with the Hippocratic tradition.

He trotted up a set of shallow stairs chiseled into the mountain to the helipad where Dan waited.

He held up his recently purchased room key as the two ice climbers waved good bye.

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He held up her micro, watching her face.

Meantime while his whole attention was absorbed, the Parsee was kneeling beneath him on the ship's deck, and with face thrown up like Ahab's, was eyeing the same sun with him; only the lids of his eyes half hooded their orbs, and his wild face was subdued to an earthly passionlessness.

The articles of impeachment were sent up to the Lords in October, the trial beginning on the 12th of March 1644, but the attempt to bring his conduct under a charge of high treason proving hopeless, an attainder was substituted and sent up to the Lords on the 22nd of November.

Whom have you got there dressed up as a Hungarian? said the commander with an austere gibe.

It was a hit so they souped it up to peddle it to the jocks that were too lazy to use their legs while they trolled for honeys.

Their colonel, Karl Bogdanich Schubert, came up to Denisov's squadron and rode at a footpace not far from Rostov, without taking any notice of him although they were now meeting for the first time since their encounter concerning Telyanin.

David Dean whistled a patriotic tune as he strolled up town from the park.