Sentence Examples with the word Untersuchungen

Kopp. The following are his most important separate publications, many of which were translated into English and French almost as soon as they appeared: Anleitung zur Analyse der organischen Korper (1837); Die Chemie in ihrer Anwendung auf Agrikultur and Physiologic (1840); Die Thier-Chemie oder die organische Chemie in ihrer Anwendung auf Physiologie and Pathologie (1842); Handbuch der organischen Chemie mit Rficksicht auf Pharmazie (1843); Chemische Briefe (1844); Chemische Untersuchungen fiber das Fleisch and seine Zubereitung zum Nahrungsmittel (1847); Die Grundsdtze der Agrikultur-Chemie (1855); Ober Theorie and Praxis in der Landwirthschaft (1856); Naturwissenschaftliche Briefe fiber die moderne Landwirthschaft (1859).

Milchhofer, Untersuchungen fiber die Demenordnung des Kleisthenes (in transactions of Berlin Academy, Berlin, 1892); Pauly-Wissowa, Realencyclopddie der class.

Humboldt (Priifung der Untersuchungen ilber die Urbewohner Hispaniens vermittelst der waskischen Sprache, Berlin, 1821), ' For the prehistoric civilization of the peninsula as a whole see Spain.

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Marker (Berlin, 1852-1890); Quellen and Untersuchungen zur Geschichte des Hauses Hohenzollern, edited by E.

In 1888 there was published the huge monograph by Max Fiirbringer entitled Untersuchungen zur Morphologie and Systematik der Vogel.

Hermann, Untersuchungen fiber das Scottische Alexanderbuch (1893); and Unters.

Of his other writings two biblical studies were of some importance, his Kritische Untersuchungen fiber die alttestamentliche Chronik (1834), and his Latin essay on the two recensions of the text of Jeremiah, De utriusque recensionis vaticiniorum Jeremiae ...indole et origine (1837).

Malet Lambert, Two Thousand Years of Gild Life (Hull, 1891); Alfred Doren, Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Kaufmannsgilden (Leipzig, 1893); H.

Droysen, Untersuchungen fiber A.

The views of Karl Mallenhoff, which, though no longer tenable as a whole, have formed the basis of most of the subsequent criticism, may be best studied in his posthumous work, Beovulf, Untersuchungen fiber das angelsachsische Epos (1889).