Sentence Examples with the word Union Jack

A club for soldiers, sailors and marines in London, called the Union Jack Club, was opened in Waterloo Road by King Edward VII.

On the 27th of the same month Farewell hoisted the Union Jack at the port and declared the territory he had acquired a British possession.

In February 1894 the union jack was hoisted at Wadelai, while in May of the same year Great Britain granted to Leopold II., as sovereign of the Congo State, a lease of large areas lying west of the upper Nile inclusive of the Bahr-el-Ghazal and Fashoda.

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The transference of influence from the company to the government was officially effected on the 1st of January 1900, on which day the Union Jack was hoisted at Lokoja, and the Northern Nigeria formation of a local administration was entered upon.

The ship, however, proved to be a French slaver who had hoisted the Union Jack fearing to find the British in possession.