Sentence Examples with the word Undertaken

In administrative reforms the Korean government followed his guidance; laws could not be enacted nor administrative measures undertaken without his consent; the appointment and dismissal of high officials, and the engagement of foreigners in government employ, were subject to his pleasure.

In regard to interests outside its scope, especially as there was no possibility of obtaining protection for such interests from those who by the alliance had not undertaken to protect them.

The journey, which appears to have been undertaken with the usual passport, and under the protection of several powerful Bohemian friends (John of Chlum, Wenceslaus of Duba, Henry of Chlum) who accompanied him, was a very prosperous one; and at almost all the halting-places he was received with a consideration and enthusiastic sympathy which he had hardly expected to meet with anywhere in Germany.

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The task of civilizing the natives is undertaken in various ways by the numerous Protestant and Roman Catholic missions established in the colony, and by the government.

The second war, though undertaken in league with Russia, proved unlucky, and, at the peace of Belgrade (Sept.

A disability against the trade of Cyprus has been the want of natural harbours, the ports possessing only open roadsteads; though early in the 10th century the construction of a satisfactory commercial harbour was undertaken at Famagusta, and there is a small harbour at Kyrenia.

The edition of the Republic, undertaken in 1856, remained unfinished, but was continued with the help of Professor Lewis Campbell.

This voyage proved to be the most important to geography that had been undertaken since the first circumnavigation of the globe.

The work undertaken and accomplished by this lady was far more important than the mere nursing of sick and wounded soldiers.

In connexion with the Greek professorship Jowett had undertaken a work on Plato which grew into a complete translation of the Dialogues, with introductory essays.