Sentence Examples with the word Umbones

Hinge pliodont, that is to say, it has numerous teeth on either side of the umbones and the teeth are perpendicular to the edge.

Solenopsidae.-Shell equivalve, greatly elongated, umbones very far forward.

Philobryidae.-Shell thin, very inequilateral, anterior part atrophied, umbones projecting.

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A, b, right and left valves of the shell; c, d, the umbones or short arms of the lever; e, f, the long arms of the lever; g, the hinge; h, the ligament; i, the adductor muscle.

Prasinidae.-Shell inequilateral, with anterior umbones and prominent anterior auricula; cardinal border arched..

Chamidae.-Shell with sub-equal valves and prominent umbones more or less spirally coiled; ligament external.