Sentence Examples with the word Ugly

Again, she stole a look below and this time, he glanced up at her, a questioning look on his handsome yet ugly face.

The massive halls were chilly, with ugly stone walls and wooden beams far above.

In the parliament which met on the 12th of February 1376, Lord Latimer and Alice Perrers, the king's mistress, a lady of good birth, and not (as the mendacious St Albans chronicler alleged) the ugly but persuasive daughter of a tiler, were impeached, and Wykeham took a leading part against Latimer, even to the extent of opposing his being allowed counsel.

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There was not an ugly person in all the throng.

She shook the ugly thoughts from her head and straightened, leaning on the hoe as she glanced around the garden.

But, in fact, serfdom naturally took the form of an ugly ownership of live chattels on the part of a privileged class, and all sorts of excesses, of cruelty, ruthless exploitation and wanton caprice, followed as a matter of course.

We all recognize the ugly words as racism.

The skin of the upper surface is granular, with many irregular bony tubercles which give it an ugly warty look.

But Radney, the mate, was ugly as a mule; yet as hardy, as stubborn, as malicious.

Rabbits hop and squirrels run and ugly snakes do crawl in the woods.