Sentence Examples with the word Uganda

From Mt Sabyino the frontier between Belgian Congo and the Uganda Protectorate goes in a direct line north to Mt Nkabwe, and thence along the Ishasha River, to its mouth on the S.E.

Both the Argasidae and Ixodidae contain pathogenic species, of which the best known are the following: Ornithodoros monbata, belonging to the Argasidae, and called bibo in Uganda, monbata in Angola, and tampan on the Zambezi, is widely distributed in tropical Africa from Uganda in the north to the Transvaal in the south.

Portal and his staff reached Uganda in March, and Williams left soon afterwards with the original troops of the company, leaving Selim Bey and the Sudanese and Portal's large escort in Uganda.

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The invitation sent by King Mtesa of Uganda through Stanley to the Christian missionaries led to the dispatch from England in 1876 of the Rev. C. T.

Austin, who had come up to Uganda in 1897 with Macdonald and had fought through the mutiny operations, revealed the regions north of Mt Elgon.

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The aboriginal stock of the Uganda Protectorate is undoubtedly the pigmy-prognathous, which has gradually been absorbed, overlaid or exterminated by better developed specimens of the Negro sub-species, or by Negro-Caucasian hybrids from the north and north-east.

The same night the Sudanese leaders, fearful lest their men might submit, murdered Thruston and his companions and sent letters to Uganda to incite their comrades to mutiny.

Experimental work has been carried on, and in 1904 Uganda exported about 43 bales of cotton, and British East Africa about 177 bales.