Sentence Examples with the word Ubiquitous

Innocent thereupon proclaimed a crusade against the emperor and armed his ubiquitous agents, the Franciscan and Dominican friars, with special indulgences for all those who should take up the cross against the imperial heretic. At the same time he did all in his power to undermine Frederick's authority in Germany and Italy.

Among these are two monkeys of the genera Macacus and Cercopithecus, a stag (Cervus hippelaphus), a small hare, a shrewmouse, and the ubiquitous rat.

His ubiquitous grocery cart was nowhere in sight.

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Paint was excavated with the ubiquitous digging-stick, and rubbed fine on stones with water or grease.

A well-nigh ubiquitous system of espionage, perhaps most fruitful when directed against - official corruption, sapped the foundations of public confidence.

Schizomycetes are ubiquitous as saprophytes in still ponds and ditches, in running streams and rivers, and in the sea, and especially in drains, bogs, refuse heaps, and in the soil, and wherever organic infusions are allowed to stand for a short time.

The first of these was an unimportant affair, probably nursed by the agents provocateurs of Fouche's ubiquitous police.

Laborious and painful operations against the careful English and the ubiquitous guerrilleros.

Most distinctive is the ubiquitous carpeting of mosses, varying in colours from the pure white and cream of the reindeer moss to the deep green and brown of the peat moss, all conspicuously spangled in the brief summer with bright flowers of the higher orders, heavy blossoms on stunted stalks.

The hardy and ubiquitous sunflower has been chosen as the state flower or floral emblem.