Sentence Examples with the word USURP

Supported the claims of his sister-in-law the duchess of Orleans, gave the signal for a general war The French armies devastated the Palatinate instead of attacking William of Orange in the Netherlands, leaving him free to disembark at Torbay, usurp the throne of England, and construct the Grand Alliance of 1689.

Tendency among occupants of the Roman see to exalt themselves above other bishops, and to usurp the part of a.

Estevao Soares, archbishop of Braga, placed himself at the head of the nobles and churchmen who threatened to usurp the royal power during Sancho II.'s minority, and negotiated an alliance with Alphonso IX., by which it was arranged that the Portuguese should attack Elvas, the Spaniards Badajoz.

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In 656, at the moment of his accession to power, Sigebert III., the king of Austrasia, had just died, and the Austrasian mayor of the palace, Grimoald, was attempting to usurp the authority.

Adherents flocked to him, and for a whole year Murad was engaged in suppressing his attempts to usurp the throne.