Sentence Examples with the word USUAL

This is the ordinary formula for a reflecting plane grating, and it shows that the spectra are formed in the usual directions.

It is written in a clear and intelligible style, and with more art than is usual in the compositions of the time.

The flames of chlorine in hydrogen) do not apparently emit the usual sodium radiation when a sodium salt is placed in them.

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He sits apart like an outcast in his usual place of public worship: all for doing nothing but what the law says he has a perfect right to do.

When Greek became the sole language of the East Roman Empire, imperator was rendered sometimes by Octort,Xc13 and sometimes by airroKparwp, the former word being the usual designation of a sovereign, the latter specially denoting that despotic power which the imperator held, and being in fact the official translation of imperator.

At an early stage he came to the conclusion that Dreyfus was the innocent victim of a nefarious conspiracy, and on the 13th of January 1898, with his usual intrepidity, he published in the Aurore newspaper, in the form of a letter beginning with the words J'accuse, a terrible denunciation of all those who had had a hand in hounding down that unfortunate officer.

A traveller can reach the usual point of departure, Gotemba, by rail from Yokohama, and thence the ascent and descent may be made in one day by a pedestrian.

The food-products from any shippers are received into these cars at the various railway stations at the usual rates, without extra charge for icing or cold-storage service.

Xenogamy is of course the only possible method in diclinous plants; it is also the usual method in monoclinous plants, owing to the fact that stamens and carpels often mature at different times (dichogamy), the plants being proterandrous or proterogynous.

Later, in that languid time between lovemaking and the usual surrender to sleep, Cynthia remained awake.