Sentence Examples with the word UNSTABLE

They form unstable addition products with sodium ethylate or methylate.

The nicely balanced conditions of solution produce a state of unstable equilibrium, with the result that internal streaming movements and changes of shape and changes of position in the model simulate closely the corresponding manifestations in real protoplasm.

These unstable combinations were soon after upset by Alcibiades himself, who, having succeeded in displacing Nicias as strategus in 419, allowed Athenian troops to help in attacking Epidaurus.

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A hero, who was probably originally intended to demonstrate the failure of the vacillating temperament when brought face to face with the problems of art, proved ill-adapted to demonstrate those precepts for the guidance of life with which the Lehrjahre closes; unstable of purpose, Wilhelm Meister is not so much an illustration of the author's life-philosophy as a lay-figure on which he demonstrates his views.

OH) 2, obtained by decomposing silicon hexachloride with icecold water, is an unstable solid which is readily decomposed by the inorganic bases, with evolution of hydrogen and production of a silicate.

The cobaltic salts corresponding to the oxide Co 2 0 3 are generally unstable compounds which exist only in solution.

Faraday independently recognized the necessity for mechanical agitation of the molten glass in order to ensure homogeneity, and to facilitate his manipulations he worked with dense lead borate glasses which are very fusible, but have proved too unstable for ordinary optical purposes.

Preferring the solid advantage of orderly life to an unstable liberty, it acquiesced in the abdication of 1439, when the States consented to taxation for the support of a permanent army without any periodical renewal of their authorization.

An intensely yellow acid salt is described, as is also a very unstable colourless salt which could not be examined further owing to its very labile nature.

Dihydroxy-ammonia or nitroxyl, NH(OH) 2, a very unstable and highly reactive substance, has been especially studied by A.