Sentence Examples with the word UNFIT

Gate length of less than 900 m., all the roads of the country are mere mule tracks, carriageable in the plains and during the dry season, but totally unfit for continuous wheeled traffic during all seasons, and in the hilly districts often so difficult, as to cause mucF damage to goods and the animals carrying them.

If the nuisance is such as to render a dwellinghouse unfit for human habitation, the justices may close it until it is rendered fit for that purpose.

The commission, however, reported (1905) that four-fifths of Zululand was unfit for European habitation, and the remaining fifth already densely populated.

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Decrepit prisoners were formerly leased, but in 1906 the lease excluded such as were thought unfit by the state prison physician.

Lane's translation omits the tales which he deemed uninteresting or unfit for a European public. Sir Richard Burton's unexpurgated English translation, with elaborate notes, was issued in to vols., 1885--1886, with six supplementary vols., 1887-1888.

In several places the debris within the walls is saturated with sewage, and the water of the Fountain of the Virgin, and of many of the old cisterns, is unfit for drinking.

The raw material in the warehouses is of various qualities: some is strong, rough and harsh, and so is unfit for ordinary smoking; other samples are mild and fine, with aromatic and pleasant flavour, but devoid of strength.

Briefly, it prevents the dealing with the right of presentation as a thing apart from the advowson itself; increases the power of the bishops to refuse the presentation of unfit persons, and removes several abuses which had arisen in the transfer of patronage.

In Britain the brine is so pure that, keeping a small stream of it running into the pan to replace the losses by evaporation and the removal of the salt, it is only necessary occasionally (not often) to reject the mother-liquor when at last it becomes too impure with magnesium chloride; but in some works the mother-liquor not only contains more of this impurity but becomes quite brown from organic matter on concentration, and totally unfit for further service after yielding but two or three crops of salt crystals.

It gets over incredible distances at an ambling shuffle, but is unfit for fast work and cannot stand excessive heat.