Sentence Examples with the word UNDERSTOOD

It should be understood that the instantaneous centre considered in the preceding paragraphs is available only for estimating relative velocities; it cannot be used in a similar manner for questions regarding acceleration.

In addition to his native tongue he could read Latin and understood Greek, but he was unable to write, and Einhard gives an account of his futile efforts to learn this art in later life.

He was learned, as learning was understood among the Italian clergy of the 18th century; but he was destitute of critical faculty, and the inaccuracy of his quotations is proverbial.

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Konovnitsyn had understood at once that the news brought was of great importance and that no time must be lost.

Germany and Russia had, temporarily at all events, withdrawn from the cooperation, but France came in for the first time in 1920, and it was understood that the United States was likely to join in the scheme of investigation.

She understood why he liked the spot; the scent of honeysuckle and herbs was thick in the air, the manicured gardens pleasant to look at and the awning providing the right amount of cool shade from the midmorning Georgia sun.

When everyone, and every nation, and every organization, and every movement all have a presence on the web, they can be understood in terms of it.

However, subsequent additions and corrections have detracted much from its value, especially when it became understood that the above sub-orders are by no means natural groups.

The mole-hills and serrated ridges of medieval maps were still in almost general use at the close of the 18th century, and are occasionally met with at the present day, being cheaply produced, readily understood by the unlearned, and in reality preferable to the uncouth and misleading hatchings still to be seen on many maps.

The synoptists' account is to be understood thus: Jesus, conscious that he now for the last time lies down to eat with his disciples a meal which, if not the Paschal, was anyhow anticipatory of the Millennial Regeneration (Matt.