Sentence Examples with the word UL

F ul diversion was now to be undertaken in the south with a view to the complete conquest of that section.

Salabat Jang, the son of the nizam ul mulk Asaf Jah, who was indebted for his elevation to the throne to the French East India Company, granted them in return for their services the district of Kondavid or Guntur, and soon afterwards the other Circars.

Van Vloten as Le Livre des beautes et des antitheses (Leiden, 1898); the Kitab ul -hala.

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This was the tribe of Kinda under the sway of the family of AO ul Murar, who came from the south.

Exact statistics are not available because the vilayet of Mo ul (35,130 sq.

For the successf ul treatment of morphinism, complete isolation of the patient is necessary in a place where he is supervised so that he can obtain no morphine.

On an isolated rock between the town and the river stands a ruined castle, the Diz-i-siyah (black castle), the residence of the governor of the district (then called Samha) in the middle ages, and, with some modern additions, one of them consisting of rooms on the summit, called Felek ul aflak (heaven of heavens), the residence of the governors of Luristan in the beginning of the 19th century.

East of the Maeotis on the Kuban we have many barrows; the most interesting are the groups called the Seven Brothers, and those of Karagodeuashkh, Kostromskaya, Ul and Kelermes, the latter remarkable for objects of Assyrian style, the others for the enormous slaughter of horses; on the Ul were four hundred in one grave.

On the 1st of September 1512 Retur e Medici G i ul i ano and Giovanni de' Medici, and their nephew (1512).

As late as the 19th century the sheik Nasif ul Yaziji (1800-1871) distinguished himself by writing sixty clever Magamas in the style of Hariri (ed.