Sentence Examples with the word Tyburn

He was hanged at Tyburn on the 24th of May 1725.

The name Tyburn (q.v.) was notorious chiefly as applied to the gallows which stood near the existing junction of Edgware Road and Oxford Street (Marble Arch).

St Peter's chapel formerly served as the cathedral of the Roman Catholic archbishopric of Armagh; and in the abbey of the Dominican nuns there is still preserved the head of Oliver Plunkett, the archbishop who was executed at Tyburn in 1681 on an unfounded charge of treason.

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He returned answer that, much as he loved the duke, he would rather see him hanged at Tyburn than own him for his legitimate son.

In 1236 the magistrates purchased the liberty to convey the waters of the Tyburn from Paddington to the City by leaden pipes, and a great conduit was erected in West Cheap in 1285.

On the 10th of February 1595 he was tried before the court of King's Bench on the charge of treason, and was hanged at Tyburn on the following day.