Sentence Examples with the word Twain

It is almost cleft in twain where the Hauraki Gulf penetrates to within 6 m.

Mark Twain has said that the two most interesting characters of the nineteenth century are Napoleon and Helen Keller.

Mark Twain was an outstanding figure for many years as a popular American personality in the world of letters.

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I think Mark Twain is a very appropriate nom de plume for Mr. Clemens because it has a funny and quaint sound, and goes well with his amusing writings, and its nautical significance suggests the deep and beautiful things that he has written.

Like Cervantes at times, Mark Twain reveals a depth of melancholy beneath his playful humour, and like Moliere always, he has a deep scorn and a burning detestation of all sorts of sham and pretence, a scorching hatred of humbug and hypocrisy.