Sentence Examples with the word Turquoise

His Oriental features were chiseled, his turquoise eyes bright.

Kiki whirled from his position before the hearth, his oriental features set off by electric turquoise eyes.

The man was tall with Oriental features and striking, turquoise eyes.

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His dark skin was offset by brilliant turquoise eyes, his noble carriage and cold features giving him the appearance of an ancient prince.

The old man was dressed in jeans and a western shirt complete with a string tie, turquoise clasp and a Nero Wolfe paperback in his back pocket.

His turquoise eyes stood out against his caramel- colored Oriental features.

In both cases the colours are the same, - turquoise blue, copper green, dark purple or golden brown, under an exquisitely transparent glaze.

I have two, of which one has a black silk skirt, with a black lace net over it, and a waist of white poplin, with turquoise velvet and chiffon, and cream lace over a satin yoke.

In any large collection of fragments it would be easy to find eight or ten varieties of opaque blue, ranging from lapis lazuli to turquoise or to lavender and six or seven of opaque green.

The turquoise mines of Sinai, in the Wadi Maghara, are worked regularly by the Arabs of the peninsula, who sell the stones in Suez; while there are emerald mines at Jebel Zubara, south of Kosseir.