Sentence Examples with the word Turner

Every bowl must have a certain amount of bias, which was formerly obtained by loading one side with lead, but is now imparted by the turner making one side more convex than the other, the bulge showing the side of the bias.

Benjamin Williams James Turner Nathaniel Alexander Benjamin Williams David Stone..

Mr. Justice Turner dismissed the appellant's case on all counts.

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Ruskin's architectural studies, of which The Seven Lamps was the first fruit, turned him from Turner and Modern Painters.

Miss Turner was decoyed from school by means of a forged letter, and made to believe that she could only save her father from ruin by marrying Wakefield, whom she accordingly accompanied to Gretna Green.

Samuel Turner was despatched on a mission similar to that of Bogle, and reached Shigatse.

Other editions are by Turner Macan (Calcutta, 1829), J.

Although she had never seen Captain Turner again, letters to her father with his return address on them assured her that they still kept in touch.

Three years later he removed to Warrington as classical tutor in a new academy, and there he attended lectures on chemistry by Dr Matthew Turner of Liverpool and pursued those studies in electricity which gained him the fellowship of the Royal Society in 1766 and supplied him with material for his History of Electricity.

Two English missions sent by Warren Hastings to Tibet, one led by George Bogle in 1774, and the other by Captain Turner in 1783, complete Tibetan exploration in the 18th century.