Sentence Examples with the word Tunisie

En Tunisie (2nd and 3rd fasc., 1885); Lud.

Pervinquiere, L'Etude geologique de la Tunisie centrale (Paris, 1903); G.

Lambert Playfair, Handbook for Travellers in Algeria and Tunis (London, 18 95), pp. 2 33-4 0, Guides-Joanne, Algerie et Tunisie (Paris, 1906).

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Toutain, Les Cites romaines de la Tunisie (1895); Atlas archeologique de la Tunisie, published by the Ministry of Public Instruction (1895 foll.); Atlas archeologique de l'Algerie, published by Stephane Gsell (1900 foil.); Toulotte, Geographic de l'Afrique chretienne (1892-1894); Corpus inscriptionum latinarum, vol.

De Tunisie (4th fascicule, with the plan of Hadrumetum).

Lambert Playfair's Handbook for Travellers in Algeria (Murray's Handbooks), corrected to 1902, is a capital guide to the country, as is also Algerie et Tunisie (Paris, 1906), in the GuidesJoanne Series; the Bibliography of Algeria (London, 1888), and the Supplement to the Bibliography of Algeria (London, 1898), by Sir Lambert Playfair, contain thousands of entries and many notes.

Schoenfield, Aus den Staaten der Barbaresken (Berlin, 1902); Sir Harry Johnston, The Colonization of Africa (Cambridge, 1905); Gaston Loth, La Tunisie et l'c uvre du protectorat francais (Paris, 1907); Professor Arthur Girault, Principes de colonisation et de legislation coloniale, vol.

A government mission to the French colonies in 1886-1887, in connexion with the approaching Paris exhibition, gave him the opportunity of studying colonial questions, on which, after his return, he published three works: La Tunisie (Paris, 1887); L'Expansion coloniale de la France (ib., 1888), L'Indo-Chine francaise (ib., 1889).