Sentence Examples with the word Tumor

Andre confirmed that her tumor was gone, which meant they had a chance at a healthy relationship.

He had since they first crossed paths in the shadow world, when he offered her a choice: to cure the inoperable brain tumor killing her or to outright kill her before she declined, whichever outcome she preferred.

Deidre had bartered for Darkyn to remove the tumor and to do so without pain.

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Deidre made a deal with the Dark One, one good enough to bring her soul back from the dead, combine the two Deidres, cure the tumor of one and release the final product from Hell.

To save you, I need to remove the tumor Wynn caused to expand in your head.

If you want her tumor to slow its growth, you'll ensure she's unhappy, Wynn advised.

Based on her medical records, the tumor didn't grow until she hit puberty and didn't interfere with her ability to function before a few years ago, Wynn started.

The only difference is that you will not have a tumor killing you.

Your life in exchange for keeping the tumor I remove.

Her brain tumor never seemed like a blessing before now.