Sentence Examples with the word Tugging

She woke to bright sunlight shining through her window and jumped from the bed, tugging on a pair of shorts and a blouse.

After a full minute of tugging and grunting she managed to dislodge the ax from the wood.

Pulling on his half-dry socks and tugging into his boots, he picked up his shirt and left the area.

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She raced down the hall tugging her boots on, hopping first on one foot and then on the other.

She jerked jeans over her nightgown and waited until she reached the front door before tugging on her boots.

She dressed hurriedly and was tugging on her boots when Katie returned.

The kid was crying and began tugging on her coat.

Snap! the overstrained line sagged down in one long festoon; the tugging log was gone.

When he returned, he pulled a chair from the wall nearer her and dipped one cloth in water, tugging her arm away from her.

Wrapping the rope around the saddle horn, he nudged Ed into motion, tugging the fallen tree downstream.