Sentence Examples with the word Tucson

We'll evac all Naturals and Guardian assets from Tucson Sector after the Quarterly and send in a clean-up crew.

Ikir, I think Tucson Sector is going to be completely compromised by Christmas.

He didn't appear out of thin air to stop her, and she made it from the mansion to the Tucson airport's arrivals drop-off area, where she stopped in front of the Delta curbside check-in sign and handed Jake the keys.

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The day before, she'd found quite a few treasures, to include the backpack, a flashlight, the key locker for the cars in the garage, and Jake's wallet, which happened to have a credit card, which she had secretly used to book a flight from Tucson to Virginia.

Damian glanced at the new text message from Han before his gaze returned to the small base camp tucked between two ridges in the Tucson Mountains.

He held out his hand, and Dusty clasped his wrist, allowing Damian to Travel them both to Tucson Sector HQ.

First Europe, then Tucson Sector.

She just rotated to the southwest on orders that neither you nor Jule nor I issued, and the Tucson sites have fallen like flies.

He approached what had been one of many former safe houses belonging to the White God near the base of the Tucson Mountains.

There are two normal schools at Tempe (1886) and Flagstaff (1899), a university at Tucson with an agricultural experiment station that has done much for the industries of Arizona; there is a considerable number of Indian schools, the largest of which are maintained by the national government, and the funds of the university come largely from the same source.