Sentence Examples with the word Tucking

Sonya, shaking off some down which clung to her and tucking away the verses in the bosom of her dress close to her bony little chest, ran after Natasha down the passage into the sitting room with flushed face and light, joyous steps.

He strode from the bedroom, tucking his gun at the small of his back.

She leaped from the bed and struggled into her jeans, tucking her nightgown in while she grabbed her boots.

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He touched her automatically, stroking the side of her face and tucking errant curls behind her ear.

Cade stood, gently tucking Zack into the crook of his arm.

It was given him--neither twine nor lanyard were seen again; but the next night an iron ball, closely netted, partly rolled from the pocket of the Lakeman's monkey jacket, as he was tucking the coat into his hammock for a pillow.

Dean maneuvered the still-unconscious figure beneath the covers, tucking the blanket as tightly as he dared.

She made a fuss of tucking the shirt into her jeans.

She shook her head and walked out of the bay into the foyer, tucking the micro and vault into her pockets.

She tossed in her exercise clothing before swiping a photo-generator from her wardrobe and tucking it into the pockets of her suitcase.