Sentence Examples with the word Tucked

Built into the mountain, half the fortress was tucked into the stone of a small peak.

He glanced up from his book and she tucked her knitting into the bag.

In the porch and in the yard the men whom Petya had armed with swords and daggers, with trousers tucked inside their high boots and with belts and girdles tightened, were taking leave of those remaining behind.

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As usual, his western shirt was tucked neatly into crisp indigo jeans.

Jenn touched the earpiece tucked in her ear, frowning.

Jenn tucked her knife and gun away and replaced the necklace around her neck with clumsy hands.

One counter was still standing next to the refrigerator tucked in a corner, and he swept the broken glass from the top to create a little work space.

Jessi tucked the box under the bed and sat nervously, waiting for Jonny.

The lint he tucked back into his pocket, and the ring he tossed on the table in front of Adrienne.

She tucked the exceptions to the back of her mind.