Sentence Examples with the word Trotted

Instead, she trotted down the gravel driveway, each crunching step making her cringe.

Wiping away angry tears, Lana trotted to the entrance to her community then slowed to a walk when she became breathless too fast.

She trotted down the hall, toward the practice fields, not surprised to see all the warriors sparring on the field.

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Guard dogs trotted forward to sniff him and his men while a doctor in a blue government jumpsuit approached them, eyes pinned to the injured man carried between two others.

Dan cursed as he trotted from an area to the side of the building.

His second-in-command nodded and trotted into a portal.

Heart pounding, she trotted down the sloping trail, glancing nervously at the hill to make sure she didn't suddenly fall off her path.

She trotted to the spot she'd identified from the tree as being where the currents appeared to originate from.

Pierre asked, agitated as he trotted through the gate.

Her blonde curls bounced as she trotted down the stairs.