Sentence Examples with the word Trips

He always took a bathing suit along on his trips but more times than not he was too busy to use them.

Trains are ferried across the river to Windsor, and steamboats make daily trips to Cleveland, Wyandotte, Mount Clemens, Port Huron, to less important places between, and to several Canadian ports.

Babylonia And Assyria) it is impossible to overestimate his services to Oriental scholarship. He travelled widely in the East and continued in later life annual trips up the Nile.

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Howie's temporary absence eliminated the problem, at least for now; no trips back to a crime scene resulted in no tips to convey.

She didn't mention any trips to the country.

The Denver and Rio Grande Western made daily warm-weather trips up the mountain to the mining town of Silverton, 40 miles away.

Some 3,000 exhibitors gather for one of the biggest trips back in time at a weekend of motoring nostalgia.

Clowes; The Rough Riders (1899); Oliver Cromwell (1901); the following works on hunting and natural history, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (1886), Ranch Life and Hunting Trail (1888), The Wilderness Hunter (1893), Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Plains (1899; a republication of Hinting Trips of a Ranchman and The Wilderness Hunter), The Deer Family (1902), with other authors, and African Game Trails (1910); and the essays, American Ideals (2 vols., 1897) and The Strenuous Life (1900); and State Papers and Addresses (1905) and African and European Addresses (1910).

It has facilities for boating and bathing as well as for trips by steamer up and down the river Meuse.

I remembered passing through the small city on ski trips to Vermont during my college years.