Sentence Examples with the word Tripped

The phone rang twice and Randy tripped as he dashed across the room to answer.

The two-hour hike had turned into a six-hour battle when his men tripped over a scout in the lower valley.

I guess I've always been a dreamer and one night when I was just taking a piss I tripped over a couple suitcases with all my dreams in 'em. Sometimes there are temptations you just can't pass up.

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She stepped back to avoid his hand and tripped over one of the paint cans, falling and sliding across the floor.

Gerry, the station chief, tripped his wards a moment before the stealthy Guardian crossed the threshold into the ten meter radius around Xander, where he was able to absorb thoughts and manipulate minds.

Blinded, she tripped over a stool and hauled herself into a corner, chest heaving and body slick with sweat and blood.

Holding them out in front of her, she stepped forward until a boulder the size of her foot tripped her.

When Jessi tripped his senses, he tensed so quickly, he nearly leapt out of his seat.

Catching the toe of her hiking boots under a vine, she tripped and fell.

Charles tripped and fell through the portal.