Sentence Examples with the word Tricked

Quinn tricked me by not admitting where he was taking me.

At one point, Fate had told him a story about how he tricked the goddess into a series of agreements that landed her out of a job.

The Austrians let themselves be tricked at the crossing of the Vienna bridge, you are letting yourself be tricked by an aide-de-camp of the Emperor.

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He obtained a papal absolution from his promises; and he tricked the opposition into accepting the arbitration of the French king, Louis IX., whose verdict was a foregone conclusion.

It consisted almost entirely of the noble militia, and was tricked out with a splendour more befitting a bridal pageant than a battle array.

As on former occasions the representatives of the East were at first deceived by false representations; they were betrayed into recognition of papal supremacy, and tricked into signing what could afterwards be represented as a submission to Western doctrine.

As there can be no doubt that the ghosts of dead men have been worshipped in many lands, and as the gods of many faiths are tricked out with attributes derived from ancestor-worship, the system of Euemerus retains some measure of plausibility.

Worse, she wasn't about to give the creature that tricked her into Hell and turned her Immortal an ounce of compassion.

The Council is working together for once, and Sasha tricked us into thinking he was returning to the Council, disappeared and washed up at the Caribbean Sanctuary.

The tsar indignantly repudiated a treaty which his envoy, Oubril, had been tricked into signing at Paris; and the Fox-Grenville cabinet (as also its successor) refused to bargain away Sicily.