Sentence Examples with the word Tresor

These were to some extent made use of by Prosper Leveque in his Memoires pour servir (1753), as well as by the Abbe Boisot in the Tresor de Granvella.

The Revue belge (1835-1843), in spite of the support of the best writers of the kingdom, as well as its successor the Revue de Liege (1844-1847), the Tresor national (1842-1843), published at Brussels, and the Revue de Belgique (1846-1851) were all short-lived.

Christine wrote about 1407 two books for women, La Cite des dames and Le Livre des trois vertus, or Le Tresor de la cite des dames.

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Dupuy's classification is still regarded with respect, but the inventory has been partially replaced by the publication of the Layettes du tresor (four volumes, coming down to 1270; 1863-1902).

By centralizing the financial administration by the creation of the Tresor de l'Epargne, and by developing the military establishments, Francis still further strengthened the royal power.

In 1615 he was commissioned by Mathieu Mole, first president of the parlement of Paris, to draw up an inventory of the documents which constituted what at that time was known as the Tresor des chartes.

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