Sentence Examples with the word Transported

It was one of the misfortunes of Palestine that it served as a Botany Bay, to which the criminals of the West were transported for penance.

Notwithstanding the protest of the Basrians, he transported this booty safely to Mecca.

There are very few roads; goods are transported on camels, or on horses and donkeys in the hilly tracts.

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Porphyra laciniata, the edible laver; Codium tomentosum, a coarse species; Padina pavonia, common in shallow water; Ulva latissima; Haliseris polypodioides; Sargassum bacciferum; the well-known gulf weed, probably transported from the Atlantic; Zostera marina, forming dense beds in muddy bays; the roots are cast up by storms and are valuable to dress the fields.

Built another near the sea, and caused the town to be transported thither, bestowing upon it important privileges.

It was in consequence of the aid which the people of Miletus lent to the Eretrians on this occasion that Eretria sent five ships to aid the Ionians in their revolt against the Persians (see IoNiA); and owing to this, that city was the first place in Greece proper to be attacked by Datis and Artaphernes in 490 B.C. It was utterly ruined on that occasion, and its inhabitants were transported to Persia.

She is at once transported into the midst of the events of a story.

A similar vessel was transported to the Louvre in 1867.

No wonder there had been some among the hunters who namelessly transported and allured by all this serenity, had ventured to assail it; but had fatally found that quietude but the vesture of tornadoes.

His chief agent, Captain (afterwards Sir William) Sleeman, with several competent assistants, and the co-operation of a number of native states, succeeded in completely grappling with the evil, so that up to October 1835 no fewer than 1562 Thugs had been committed, of which number 382 were hanged and 986 transported or imprisoned for life.