Sentence Examples with the word Translation

The essays which should have accompanied the translation of Thucydides were never written.

For the latter purpose, however, we can use an Armenian translation of a commentary on the Diatessaron by Ephraem, and the quotations in Aphraates.

About 1390 he appeared as a public 1 Published with facsimile and translation and notes in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1879-1880, vol.

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As a poet, St Aldegonde is mainly known through his admirable metrical translation of the Psalms (1580), and the celebrated Wilhelmus van Nassauwe, one of the two officially recognized national anthems of Holland, is also ascribed to him.

This difficulty has, however, been lessened since the translation and publication of the papyrus Rhind by Eisenlohr; 1 and it is now generally admitted that, in the distinction made in the last passage quoted above from Proclus, reference is made to the two forms of his work - aL a - Tr Epov pointing to what he derived from Egypt or arrived at in an Egyptian manner, while indicates the discoveries which he made in accordance with the Greek spirit.

That Douglas undertook this work and that he makes a plea for more accurate scholarship in the translation have been the basis of a prevalent notion that he is a Humanist in spirit and the first exponent of Renaissance doctrine in Scottish literature.

Even when the Rumanian language at last supplanted the Slavonic, it did not emancipate itself from the original; the new was merely a translation from the old, and at the beginning it was as literal as possible.

His advocacy of a revised translation of the New Testament (1858) aided to promote another great national undertaking.

In addition to the translation of the Catechism, Paez is supposed to be the author of a treatise De Abyssinorum erroribus and a history of Ethiopia (ed.

In 1553 appeared at Brzesc the Protestant translation of the whole Bible made by a committee of learned men and divines, and published at the expense of Nicholas Radziwill, a very rich Polish magnate who had embraced the Protestant doctrines.