Sentence Examples with the word Trans

It is not a little curious that the obvious improvement of trans ferring the declination axis as well as the declination-clamp to the telescope end of the declination axis was so long delayed; we can explain the delay only by the desire to retain the declination circle as a part of the counterpoise.

Their most characteristic literature is to be found, not in their writings, but in the folk-tales which are trans mitted orally from generation to generation, and repeated by the wandering minstrels called by the people Peng-lipor Lara, i.

And in another speech he said that the British had insanely placed themselves .Effect of Mr in the strange predicament of the free subjects of a monarchy going to coerce the free subjects of a Speeches republic. Expressions such as these were trans lated into Dutch and distributed among the Boers, and they exercised a good deal of influence in fanning the agitation already going on in the Transvaal.

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The trans compound is perfectly asymmetric and so its mirror image (I) should exist, and, as all the trans compounds synthetically prepared are optically inactive, they are presumably racemic compounds (see 0.

Political and ecclesiastical dissensions occupied the greatest intellects, and the only progress to be recorded is in the art of computing or arithmetic, and the trans pons asinorum of the earlier mathematicians.

The second has a very small area, showing that the work done in reversing the magnetization is small; the metal is therefore adapted for use in alternating current trans formers.

The trans A 4 acid is formed by heating the cis-acid with hydrochloric acid under pressure.

Hirn (see Les Pandynamometres, Paris, 1876) employed this principle to measure the torque trans mitted by a shaft.

The ketoximes by the action of acetyl chloride undergo a peculiar inframolecular re-arrangement known as the Beckmann trans formation (E.