Sentence Examples with the word Traction

For suburban traffic with a service at a few minutes' interval and short distances between the stations electric traction has proved itself to be superior in many respects to the steam locomotive, but for main line traffic and long distance runs it has not yet been demonstrated that it is commercially feasible, though it is known to be practically possible.

Columbus is situated in a fine farming region, and has extensive tanneries, threshingmachine and traction and automobile engine works, structural iron works, tool and machine shops, canneries and furniture factories.

The grants of this company were owned by the Forest City Railway Company and the property was leased to the Municipal Traction Company (on behalf of the public - the city itself not being empowered to own and operate street railways).

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The streets and suburbs are served by five groups of tramway lines - Jardim Botanico, Santa Thereza, Sao Christovao, Villa Isabel, and Carris Urbanos - all using electric traction but the last.

The city has a large traction terminal station, and is the principal centre for the interurban electric lines of Indiana, which handle freight as well as passengers; in 1908 twenty-five interurban electric lines entered the city and operated about 400 cars every 24 hours.

The snow had melted on the mountain trail, and the dry gray rocks provided sufficient traction for Ed's hooves as they climbed higher into the hills.

All the large cities of Brazil are liberally provided with tramways, those of the city of Sao Paulo, where electric traction is used, being noticeably good.

In mines that are worked from the outcrop by adits or day levels traction by locomotives driven by steam, compressed air or electricity is used to some extent.

About five years earlier the McKinley bridge was erected by the Illinois Traction Co., primarily to admit interurban electric trains.

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