Sentence Examples with the word Touring

There, amid a cluster of floats, Boy Scouts and ballerinas, four of Fred's lady friends were in the final stages of hanging bunting about a beautiful old touring car whose vintage or name Dean couldn't identify.

The lunchtime pastrami more than eliminated the need for an early dinner, so he drove home, changed into shorts and set out at a leisurely pace on his 18-speed touring bike.

But I must be ever cautious with my new means of touring about the land.

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They take on the roles the Ancients and immortals can't, like working with human counterparts, touring the Council's facilities all over the world.

Sport and athletics are provided by a number of clubs, notably the Touring Club Italiano, founded in 1894.

The area beyond the gates and inspections was quiet, with men and women dressed in government uniforms touring the compound like it was any other day and not possibly the last day of the world.

She was touring France and lecturing on behalf of anarchist propaganda when she died at Marseilles on the 10th of January 1905.

After touring the United States for more than nine months in the 1830s, Alexis de Tocqueville returned to his native France and penned the two-volume Democracy in America.

The hardships incident to touring with travelling companies unfavourably affected her health, but by 1885 she was recognized at home as Italy's greatest actress, and this verdict was confirmed by that of all the leading cities of Europe and America.